Theatre for children from 6-12 years.

The theatre approach enables a child to grow using free expression towards a better understanding of himself.  Through make-believe, each child can develop himself in a fun way through verbal and non-verbal expression (via gestural expression, dance, singing, creating drawings and collage for props, theatrical make-up, creating characters, exploration of oneself and others).

Group experience allows each person to be sensitive to relations by stimulating attentive listening and respecting oneself and other, instructions, internal and external limits.  This creates a secure framework necessary to allow the awakening of bold expression and self-confidence, bringing forth the pleasure of communication in relationships, in a trusting atmosphere.  It is in a wonderful spirit of collaboration through group play and by putting value on the potential creator in each child, that enables us to envisage a public stage presentation at the end of the year, fostering a common project for the group.

Children in the primary classes have the possibility of participating in the dram class once a week.  These classes take place in the main group activities hall in the school and are presented by a teacher of drama and music and movement.  The culmination of these drama lessons will be hearing the loud applause from the big audience at our end of year show, or during our Open House, which will take place in May or June.