The role of the Parents Committee is to be a mechanism for communication and volunteerism between parents, teachers and administration so that the students may receive the utmost benefit from their education. It acts as a voice for parents and helps to build and maintain a strong school community by promoting understanding and friendship among Montessori Kids families. 

Each class has two representatives--one native English speaker and one native French speaker. Photos of the representatives are posted in each classroom. The classroom representatives help teachers arrange speakers, programs, field trips and transportation for field trips. They also help teachers fill special needs such as gathering materials for projects and contacting parents regarding special programs. They provide a medium through which information can pass, from parent to administration/teacher or from administration/teacher to parent.

The parents committee meets monthly to plan activities, exchange information and discuss current issues and also meets regularly with the school administration.


Who are members of the committee?

The members are a group of parents who volunteer their time to support the school throughout the school year (September through June). Members are not elected and may serve on the committee for more than one year.

Twice a year, parents are given the opportunity to express interest in participating as a member of the parents committee by completing a form. The committee is comprised of both new parents to the school and those whose children have been at the school for more than a year.


Become a member!

Whatever their geographic or cultural backgrounds,  Montessori Kids’ parents share one thing in common – the desire for an extraordinary educational experience for their children, one that will empower their children and inspire them to love learning. Many parents volunteer for a variety of school-related programs and projects.  Montessori Kids’ tradition of excellence is due in part to the enthusiasm, energy and dedication of the school’s parents. Everyone is invited to participate.