Rhythmic education helps us to be aware of the language of music by living it through body movements.

Through music and rhythm, the child learns to listen, to respond, and to control his neuromuscular reactions.  This activity is permanently open to all experiences which develop psychomotor and sensorial skills.  The nuances obtained from music allow the child to make contact with his emotions, and to express them with all his body.

 Through play, the child disciplines himself, developing his body behavior and making the most of the space he occupies and lives in.  The lessons of « Rhythm and Expression » mean all the pleasure of :

  • Singing and dancing ;
  • Miming, expression and grimacing ;
  •  Handling musical instruments ;
  • Becoming leader of the orchestra or of the group.
  • Improvising and searching alone, in twos or as a group.

Rhythmic education will be given by Vinciane Cruysmans, who obtained her diploma in 1982 from the Institut Dalcroze of Belgium.  In 2004, she also obtained a specialist diploma in the relation of help through Gestalt Therapy.

These musical awakening lessons of rhythm and expression are given in French.